Researchers Say Get Some Sun!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Researchers Say Get Some Sun!

Everybody loves some fun in the sun, but science also continues to give us more reasons to enjoy some outdoor or indoor sunbathing.

Spending time in the sun is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, according to a new medical study from a qualified and diverse group of researchers. Those researchers say that analysis of the risks and benefits of sun exposure favors the decision to use sun to maintain vitamin D blood levels of 75 nmol/L and also experience other benefits that exposure provides

“More and more research is being published urging individuals to increase their vitamin D levels through non-burning sun exposure,” says Perry Holman, Executive Director of the Vitamin D Society. "We need to start looking at UV exposure differently and embrace the benefits while controlling for the risks of overexposure.”

The bad news is, currently, two out of every three Canadians have insufficient vitamin D levels. But, the good news is, summer sunshine or controlled indoor sunbathing at your JCTA professional salon are easy ways to get there. If you're concerned about your vitamin D level, check with your physician, or you can order a test to take at home.

Click here to read more about the study from The Vitamin D Society.