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Spray Booths

A spray-on tanning booth is much like a carefully engineered shower. The client steps into an enclosed area and is literally showered in a matter of seconds with a fine mist of spray-on tanning solution from one or multiple spraying apparatus. The advanced technology is designed so that the spray tanning product attracts to the skin, delivering uniform coverage.

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Fast and Fun

Spray tanning is a cosmetic tanning service offered by a majority of professional indoor tanning facilities today. While spray tanning lotions have existed for decades, today’s advanced spray tanning technology gives an amazingly natural looking tan. Years of spray equipment engineering and product advancement have brought a new way to deliver a natural looking tan in a fast, convenient and uniform fashion.

Professional sunbed salons that offer spray tanning services follow all consumer education and safety procedures for the correct application of spray tanning product.

Since the introduction of the first spray-on tanning device in the late 1990s, dozens of manufacturers and equipment designs have been marketed. There are two major categories of spray-on tanning equipment.

Check out the interview to the right with the model that was featured in an advertisement for this website. It was her first time doing a Spray Tan. She learned a lot about spray tanning and has some advice for you.

Hand Spray / Airbrush

Hand Spray

Spray-on tanning is also available in simple hand-held air brushing units. This type of equipment allows a trained technician to customize the application of the product.


The primary ingredient used in most spray-on tanning equipment today is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA, a colorless sugar, interacts with the outermost layer of the skin to darken skin color in a period of several hours. It takes about 12-24 hours for the DHA in your skin to reach its full tanning potential and a spray-on tan can last as long as 7-10 days.


Spray-on tanning does not offer any photoprotection (sunburn protection).