Amplify Your Tan With a Cocktail

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Amplify Your Tan With a Cocktail

I love a deep color from tanning! I mean, who doesn’t?! Lately I’ve been cocktail tanning and my color has attained even darker levels. Cocktail tanning works by the UV rays triggering your melanin production and opening up your pores. This helps the spray tan solution to better enter your skin. When you combine UV tanning with spray tanning, the outcome produces your deepest and most radiant tan.

I often UV tan before my spray session to avoid any streaks. Luckily, there’s tanning lotions that are specifically made for cocktail tanning. I highly recommend using one to avoid creating any type of barrier on the skin and to make sure you receive a darker color. There’s an option to spray tan first and then do a stand-up UV bed, but I prefer UV tanning before. Whatever your personal preference is!

As always, make sure you come prepared. Exfoliate, shave, and remove any makeup prior to your cocktail session. Remember to wear loose, dark fitted clothing and not to wear deodorant. Keep your skin moisturized after your cocktail and take care of your skin as you would with any other spray tan.

Be sure to visit your local tanning salon and see if they offer cocktail tanning memberships. This will ensure you receive the best deal and grants the opportunity to be added into their specials and rewards programs! If they don’t offer a cocktail tanning membership, ask the staff for their insight, and they’ll make sure you get your cocktail at the best price.

Cocktail tanning is the answer to all of my dark tanning needs. Indoor tanning is a fantastic addition to my spray tanning routine. It always adds such a nice pop of color to my outfits, and I love how a cocktail tan makes me feel! A spray tan feels great by itself, but adding in the extra pop of color to my tan sure does add to my self-confidence!