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Indoor Sunbathing

If you are pre-tanning for a sunny vacation or just getting ready for a Canadian summer, you'll need to start at least four weeks ahead of time to get the best protection from your base tan. Base tans have been shown to allow you up to six times the exposure without sunburning. (Kimball 2017)
Go to a JCTA Member Salon. They follow Professional Standards to protect you from overexposure.
Make sure the staff at the salon you're going to are industry certified.
Know your Skin Type. This is the key to any type of sunbathing. Check out and discover your number. If you are a Skin Type 1 (always burn, never tan) NEVER SUNBATHE INDOORS OR OUTDOORS. The inability to tan is a risk factor for skin cancer, according to research used by the World Health Organization. (WHO)
Follow the guidance of a certified operator for your exposure schedule. They know their equipment. Keep in mind that it takes approximately three to four sessions before you start to see results. This is acclimatizing your skin to higher levels of UV light.
There are still people that think you must get sunburnt before you get a tan. This is far from the truth.
Always remember to protect your eyes. Wear eye protection and purchase professional eyewear.
For best results, keep your skin moisturized. Moist skin tans better. Check out the great professional tanning products available at your local JCTA Member Salon.

Please Tan Responsibly

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